Ben Hubbard

Celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo moon landing with non-fiction author, Ben Hubbard

About The Author:

Ben Hubbard is an accomplished author who has written many children's titles on a wide variety of subject matter, from Vikings and gladiators to pop music and planes.


About The Book:

Discover the complete story of the conquest of space, from the 1950s to the present day and beyond. Inside, you’ll find out how the mighty superpowers of the USA and the USSR raced to be the first to launch a man into space, and the dramatic struggle to land a man on the moon. From the very first space rocket to today’s space stations, satellites and probes, to the future of Mars exploration, this is the thrilling complete story of humanity’s journey into space.

Download the AR Space Race app and you’ll be able to see detailed 3D spacecraft and vehicle models appear right on the pages of the book. Plus, watch videos come to life on the page, including real-life footage from NASA.



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