Jonny Duddle

Learn how Jonny Duddle writes and illustrates his pirate picture books and chapter books

About The Author:

Jonny Duddle is a bestselling author who has written and illustrated several picture books and chapter books, including the Waterstones Prize-winning bestseller The Pirates Next Door.  In fact, it was a year spent working on a square-rigger vessel, combined with his work as a concept artist on the Pirates of the Caribbean computer game, that inspired Jonny to create his highly successful debut picture book, The Pirate Cruncher. He lives in Wales with his family.


About The Book:

One morning the townspeople of Dull-on-Sea wake to find that their town is overrun with rats. Big rats, small rats, fierce rats, hungry rats - it is an infestation! Just when everyone is at their wit's end, a nautical stranger who plays the pipe turns up and offers to get rid of the rodent problem - for a fee. Once the rats have gone, the greedy mayor refuses to pay - so the Pirate Piper plays an enchanted tune and leads the children away. It's up to Matilda, Jim and Nugget to save their friends. The Jolley-Rogers and the Pirate Piper is the fourth title in Jonny Duddle's bestselling Jolley-Rogers fiction series.


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