Steve Mould

Scientist and presenter, Steve Mould, demonstrates a few experiments and talks about writing non-fiction

About The Author:

Steve Mould is a science presenter and comedian with a physics degree from the University of Oxford. He regularly appears as a science expert across TV and radio, including BBC’s The One Show and CBBC Blue Peter, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4. His YouTube channel has more than 220,000 subscribers, and his videos regularly achieve hits in the hundreds of thousands. Steve is also part of live comedy science trio Festival of the Spoken Nerd who perform at festivals and events across the UK. Steve is the author of How to Be a Scientist and The Bacteria Book, longlisted for the Best Book of Facts Award in the Blue Peter Book Awards 2018, also published by DK.


About The Book:

Learn how to perform magic tricks and illusions using simple science experiments in this children's activity book for kids aged 7-9. Join science presenter Steve Mould, #1 bestselling author of How to be a Scientist, to find out the secrets behind amazing magic tricks. Learn how to bend water with a balloon, make a glass beaker disappear in oil, and wow your friends with levitating tinsel! Each magic trick is explained using step-by-step photography, with the science behind each one described clearly and simply. Plus, interspersed throughout the book you'll find out how legendary magicians and illusionists, such as Harry Houdini, used science when performing their most famous tricks. Kids will love impressing their friends and families with simple magic tricks that teach them valuable science lessons at the same time. Packed with optical illusions and fun facts - Science is Magic is a must for any wannabe scientist or magician.



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